We believe old houses are worth saving. The right way - with a strong eye for traditional design elements, a thoughtful layout, meticulous planning, and uncompromising attention to detail.

With that spirit in mind - and an abundance of old houses in need of saving - we founded Copper Sky Renovations in 2003. We have a particular affinity for Craftsman. Mid-Century Modern, and Victorian-era styles homes and have since had the pleasure of renovating several houses in Atlanta's historic neighborhoods.

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Our Team

It takes a talented team of individuals to transform homes and build client relationships as we do here at Copper Sky Renovations. Meet our award-winning team and learn all about their individual skills and past experience renovating homes across Atlanta.

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Our Approach

Our approach is part renovation, part restoration - a carefully planned amalgamation of two distinctly different worlds. Yet we carefully blend the best of both by preserving original architectural details where possible while adding space, function, and utility where needed.

The result? An old house reborn. Revived. Reinvented. Once again enchanting and aesthetically captivating, yet entirely contemporary with all the amenities that matter. We are proud that our houses evoke the feeling of new construction without sacrificing the charm and characteristic details of each house's architectural past.

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What Set's Us Apart from Other Remodeling Contractors in Atlanta 

Anyone who knows Jim Walker, owner, and founder of Copper Sky Renovations, knows his deep passion for saving older homes in Atlanta. In an age that idolizes industry and utility, Jim’s careful approach toward preserving history is truly an anomaly in the home remodeling industry.

Many companies raze the old to make room for raising the new or else use the framework of the old as a carrier for the new. Jim, on the other hand, takes time to first learn the unique treasures of the old and listen to the new desires of the homeowners to enhance the best traits of each. It is Copper Sky’s mission to preserve the historic charm of each home while seamlessly outfitting them with every modern amenity.

How We Accomplish that Mission

Missions can’t be accomplished through beautiful ideals only; they have to be supported by experience and expertise. Jim founded Copper Sky Renovations in2003 when he realized just how many Atlanta area homes were in need of saving. Over its 14 years of service, Copper Sky has only grown in its unparalleled craftsmanship in every area of home restoration, from whole-house remodels and additions to custom carpentry and detailed metalwork.

What Our Clients Say About Us

But what especially sets Copper Sky apart from other home remodelers is its emphasis on building strong and sustainable customer relationships. Jim’s priority is his client, which is why he fosters excellent communication from the start. According to his customers like John Fennell, Jim is often the first contractor to respond to a request for a bid, and his bids are both competitive and consistent with actual renovation execution.

Jim’s follow-through is just as thorough and reliable as his initial communication. According to John, “Jim and the architect took our suggestions and created a design that was exactly what we wanted, even adding things we hadn’t thought of. Their craftsmanship flowed seamlessly with the original house and the updates we did 18 years ago. Our project manager, Dennis, was as professional as you can get. He kept us well informed, listened to us carefully, and responded to any issues we had. The project was completed on time and under budget, and now our house is the envy of the block. Our “new” house is more than we could have imagined when we started this process. The best selection we made was choosing Copper Sky Renovations.”

Jim works hard to keep his customers’ trust, which is why they receive prompt and accurate communication, commitment to budgets and timelines, and superb craftsmanship. That’s why customers like Bruce Kaufman “give him the Six Star A++ rating” and why Kimberly Finnegan’s neighbors enter her home and say, “‘I can’t believe that’s an addition…it looks like it’s been there forever.’

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Our Service Areas 

Click below to learn more about our work in your area, or view our map to learn more about all of the areas that we serve. 

Our Awards

Copper Sky Renovations has received numerous awards in the remodeling industry, including Remodeler of the Year in 2018, Remodeler of the Year in 2019, and Remodeler of the Year in 2020.

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Community Involvement 

At Copper Sky Renovations, we care about our community. We care about restoring the historic beauty of Atlanta in your home. We care about the families and children in those homes. That’s why we’ve chosen to support Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and we encourage you to do the same.

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (Children's) offers pediatric care and is specially designed to make healing, comfort, and support available for local children. Children's was established over 100 years ago and has been committed to providing excellent care since its inception.

We have chosen to support Children's for several reasons. We are particularly grateful for this opportunity to support a local organization that is doing such excellent work for our Morningside neighborhood and the wider community. As remodeler Jim Walker put it, “Everyone at Copper Sky has children, so this charity holds a special place in our hearts.”

Our Associations

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