3 Must-Have Features for Your Basement Remodel in Atlanta

Posted by Jim Walker on Dec 27, 2017 11:14:00 AM

Atlanta basement remodeling is very popular. Many older homes were built with unfinished basements, so remodeling them is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to increase usable square footage.

Yet sometimes home owners want to achieve too much with the space they have. When it comes to deciding between a weight room and a home theater, a wet bar and a pool room, or a family room and an in-law suite, it can be difficult to narrow down options.

We’ve presented three essentials we believe every basement should have. If you have room for more, add it. But don’t splurge on too many extras at the expense of the basics.

Family Room

Family rooms, or entertainment areas, are eternally popular in basement remodels. This is because they provide a focal gathering point that centers and grounds all other rooms in the basement. They are all-purpose rooms that can double as play rooms for kids or entertainment areas for family or guests. They are also easily adaptable to each home owner’s preferences, thus adding resale value to the home as a whole instead of devaluing it by being over-specialized. 

Basement Remodeling in Atlanta

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In-Law Suite

There’s little debate about the advantages of adding a second living space to your home. In nearly every phase of life, a second bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom will be in high demand. Whether you have teenage children who are seeking independence and privacy, adult children living with you after college, parents or in-laws moving in, guests to entertain, or a live-in caregiver, an extra living area will always be greatly appreciated by your family and guests. Separating living spaces also benefits you by enabling you to preserve your routine and privacy.  

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Better Health and Safe Living

Finally, you won’t want to undertake your Atlanta, GA, basement remodel without ensuring safety and comfort. For your safety, be sure to thoroughly waterproof your basement’s foundations and also check for radon.

For your comfort, insulate your ceilings to soundproof your living quarters, and also install a separate HVAC system to keep different levels of your home equally warm or to save on heat/air conditioning when the space isn’t being used.

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