Don’t Make this one Mistake when Choosing an Atlanta Kitchen Designer

Posted by Jim Walker on Nov 8, 2017 3:12:00 PM

When it comes to remodeling the kitchen of your historic home, you won’t want to try to go it alone. Consulting with professional kitchen designers in Atlanta, GA, can help you eliminate regrets. But how do you determine which designer to hire? The answer begins by understanding which designers you won’t want to hire. Here’s our golden rule: avoid hiring a kitchen designer who doesn’t understand the construction process.

Here’s why: although designing and building are distinct specialties, hiring a designer who is unaware of on-the-ground practicalities frequently results in a concept that’s either impossible to implement or a plan that is significantly over budget.

Construction Disconnects

Designers are very skilled at listening to a homeowner’s desires and drawing upon a wealth of design options to present plans and material selections to satisfy their client’s wishes. Unfortunately, designers sometimes plan spaces that are impractical to construct because of electrical, plumbing, or structural constraints.

Even talented designers/architects who design plans that the builder approves cannot foresee every construction challenge that may present itself once demolition begins. In the remodeling world, this is a more common occurrence than many home remodelers assume.

Of course, the builder may not be able to foresee all these challenges either, but having to call your designer back in after plans have been finalized and contracts have been closed to adjust the kitchen design to match evolving realities delays your timeline and increases budgetary expenditures.

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Budgetary Blunders

Another even more frequently encountered disconnect between the world of designing and the world of building relates to the project budget. Kitchen designers in Atlanta will view the client’s budget and design a finished product that they believe matches that financial allotment. (Here’s how to begin calculating yours.)

Unfortunately, designers often consume too much of the client’s budget, because although design and material fees may be calculated correctly, it’s difficult for the designer to know how much high-end construction labor will cost. In the end, the project’s actual budget becomes disassociated from its intended parameters, and the home owner is the one who pays.

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An Alternate Option

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to the above difficulties: hiring a design build company. In a design build company, every service the project requires—from design ideation to project completion—is housed under one roof. This makes for a much smoother, more efficient, and more budget-friendly remodel since you’ll receive a packaged project quote up front.

This quote only varies if you as the customer change your mind on materials or design or if unforeseeable difficulties arise. If possible, it’s smart to choose a kitchen designer who either works closely with or belongs on the team of your home remodeling company.

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