5 Bathroom Remodel Ideas from Atlanta’s Historic Homes

Posted by Jim Walker on Sep 7, 2017 8:03:00 PM

Your bathroom is one of the most significant spaces in your home when considering a remodel. It’s where you prepare to meet whatever your day has in store and where you unwind at the end of the day, so it’s important to spend time identifying relaxing and rejuvenating bathroom remodel ideas. Let’s look at five of Atlanta, GA’s most inspiring historic home bathroom remodels.

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Light and Bright with Tiling

Bathroom Remodel Ideas - Bright Tiling.png

With its bright white ceiling, trim, and fixtures, its neo-angle, frameless glass shower, its expansive windows overlooking greenery, and its soft grey and champagne tiles, this bathroom remodel is perfect for lovers of light and bright spaces. For ambiance and practicality, consider stealing this bathroom’s idea of fully tiled walls and flooring for an elegant, brilliant, and superbly easy-to-clean finish.

Layout Solutions and Full Wall Fixtures

Bathrooom Ideas - Long bathroom.png

Is your bathroom long and narrow? Not to worry. Each layout presents unique opportunities. These home owners, for instance, decided to utilize their lower ceiling space by nestling a bathtub underneath, reserving higher ceiling spaces for a dual vanity and a full-wall, walk-in shower that looks more inviting than a day at the spa.  

Antique Charm in Details

Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas - Antique Fixtures.jpg

On the surface, this white and black bathroom is simple and classic, but its attention to the inclusion of antique details makes it stand apart. The tiny, hexagonal floor tiling, the metal cup pulls on the cabinetry, the glossy subway tiles, the cabinet grooves, the tile crown molding, and the decorative trim around the mirrors combine to capitalize on this bathroom’s historic charm.

Thoroughly Modern

Bathroom Remodel Ideas - Modern.jpg

Unlike our third bathroom, our fourth is thoroughly modern. Its large, neutral-toned floor tiles, minimalistic glass shower, non-ornate bathtub, and perfectly symmetrical composition from the window to the ceiling lights make this bathroom an uncomplicated, Zen haven.

Adventure is Out There

Bathroom Remodel Idea - Travel Theme.jpg

If you’re looking for a completely unique and creative bathroom remodel idea, try this airplane-style bathroom. With intensely-colored walls and backlit travel scenes outside facsimile windows, this bathroom is sure to put a smile on your face and surprise and delight your guests.

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