Best Atlanta Neighborhoods to Invest in a Remodel

Posted by Jim Walker on Apr 29, 2019 8:49:00 AM

Savvy Atlanta homeowners want to know if a remodel of their existing home makes financial sense. That’s one reason we encourage potential clients to download the free 2019 Home Remodeling Cost Report.

Not only does this report give you an idea of what you can expect to spend on a project, but it also provides you with figures about what you can expect to recoup your investment. It's not just the project, however, that impacts your investment. Where you live makes a big difference as well. So what are the best Atlanta neighborhoods to invest in a remodel?

Craftsman Whole Home Remodel in Atlanta GA

The Atlanta area has quite a number of charming neighborhoods with great existing homes that exude character. As design/build remodelers with a passion for remodeling and restoring older homes, we pay a lot of attention to strong, traditional design elements. We have a particular affinity for Craftsman and Victorian-era styles and have since had the pleasure of renovating several houses in Atlanta's historic neighborhoods. Frankly, part of our reason for existence is that we believe old houses are worth saving!

The good news is that there is an abundance of old homes in the greater Atlanta area that are in need of saving. That’s why we are actively involved in the following Atlanta neighborhoods.


Ansley Park

Lake Claire



Avondale Estates

North Druid Hills




Paces Ferry

Candler Park

Sandy Springs

Chastain Park




Druid Hills



Virginia Highlands

Garden Hills

Winnona Park



Rather than just tell you where we work, we thought it might be helpful to see some specific examples of some of the work we’ve done in these neighborhoods.



Tudor Whole Home Remodel in Decatur

Here’s a whole home remodeling project we completed in Decatur. This was a true “inside-and-out” project. And although it was a major project that encompassed the whole house, you’ll be able to see the attention to detail in everything from windows to flooring to trim work that captures the character and spirit of this fine old home.

Click here for images that show off those details.


Lake Claire

Lake Claire Kitchen Renovation Atlanta GA

Lake Claire is another great neighborhood we’ve enjoyed working in. This award-winning remodeling project brought new life to a home with classic beauty. And while it’s all-new on the inside, the design respects and reflects the existing character of the house. Click here for a closer look at the details.


Virginia Highlands

Contemporary Kitchen in Virginia Highlands Atlanta GA

The update on this Virginia Highlands home is a perfect example of how we marry fresh new design with classic style. You can catch a glimpse of how the sleek, modern kitchen blends into the rest of the home (not the arched doorway from the kitchen to the dining room).

Click here to see how we worked with the homeowner to create a bright and inviting look to an older home with lots of character.



Craftsman Kitchen in Morningside Atlanta GA

This beautiful Arts & Crafts home in Morningside gives you a whole different feel. We helped the owner take advantage of a lot of the natural wood features in existence throughout the house. The home retains its classic "lived-in" appeal while feeling fresh, updated, comfortable, and convenient.

Click here to see how this theme resounds through the whole home.


Ansley Park

Craftsman Kitchen in Ansley Park Atlanta GA

The owners of this Ansley Park home obviously felt the neighborhood they live in merited a whole-home remodel of their Craftsman home.  The result is a great example of bringing fresh, new design ideas and materials into an existing older home in a way that respects and highlights the original design while giving the whole home new life and comfort.


The project included a large 2-story addition with a stunning gourmet kitchen (pictured here) and a master bath. The family also added all new high-efficiency systems including HVAC, refinished millwork, refurbished windows, new heart pine flooring, and new stained-glass door glass and transoms to match the current 120-year-old glass. The exterior received new pine shake siding, bi-fold steel doors on the front porch, steel French doors at the back porch, and a rooftop deck over the garage overlooking the downtown skyline.


You’ll want to click here to take a closer look at specific features such as the beautiful bi-fold steel doors on the front porch that let lots of natural light into the house; and the stunning stained glass door and transoms in the entryway (that match the current 120-year-old glass); and the exquisite heart pine flooring that matches the existing floors.



ADU in Oakhurst Atlanta GA

The Oakhurst neighborhood is another place where homeowners obviously feel that investing in their existing homes makes sense. This modern industrial Accessory Dwelling Unit (You can read more about ADUs here) is the perfect mix of style and entertainment. Modern fixtures on the exterior flow into the interior of this ADU with matte black potted plants, door frame, outdoor lighting, gutters, and windows. 


Having a separate building enabled the homeowners to add a tasteful, modern flair to their property. You’ll notice an abundance of glass and gray siding. Inside the space offers an entertainment center with a hanging TV and sound system as well as a ping pong table and a small kitchen for drinks and snacks. The inside incorporates modern elements that flow throughout this ADU—including the art on the walls and the stainless-steel fixtures of the ceiling fan and faucet.



Transitional Master Bathroom in Atlanta GA

Atlanta, proper is a great place to remodel and restore a home. This transitional master bathroom in Atlanta is a great example of how homeowners here are committed to preserving and improving existing neighborhoods.


This particular bathroom features a dual vanity with engineered Quartz countertops, custom mirrors, and a subway tile walk-in shower with glass door. The dark wood with copper hardware and charcoal quartz countertop make a nice contrast to the lighter-colored subway tile in the walk-in shower that features an oversized, adjustable spray unit. The family went in a totally different direction with their guest bathroom and opted for bright floral wallpaper, classic wall sconces, and custom grey vanity.


Whether you currently own a home in one of these great Atlanta neighborhoods or are considering a property with plenty of potential—we can help you turn a good home with "great bones" into your dream home.

2019 Atlanta Home Remodeling Cost Report

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