Copper Sky's OBIE Award: Best Addition (First Place)

Posted by Jim Walker on Jan 4, 2019 12:18:00 PM

Just as with our best bathroom over $25,000, this is our second year in a row taking OBIE’s first place award for best addition. We built this second-story addition onto a charming, historic bungalow home in Oakhurst for a growing family with two young children and a third on the way.

Second-Story Addition

Originally, the home was a single-story, but it had an enormous, unfinished attic space. We began by carefully dismantling the beautiful clay tile roof, preserving them for reinstallation after renovation.

second-story addition in atlanta

The roofline on the front of the house was spacious enough as it was, but we rebuilt the roofline at the back of the home with a sharper pitch and dormers to create extra space.

second story addition

After we transformed the attic into a beautiful second story, the new space now incorporates a master bedroom with a closet, bathroom, and balcony, two kids’ bedrooms, a kids’ bathroom,  a nursery, a reading nook, and a laundry room.

As with all our additions, the new, second story space integrates harmoniously with the original, which we achieved by creating custom carpentry trim, base moldings, crown molding, window casings, door casings etc. that match the historic, first story wood details.

kids room renovation

Each room is consciously designed around rooflines, taking advantage of lower ones to create cozy spaces, as in this bright white children’s room with a vibrant pop of orange on one wall containing a central window.

nursery addition

Likewise, in this adorable nursery, the gable cradles the window, rocking chair, and bureau in a warm embrace. The soft pink paint on the walls extends onto the ceiling to create a seamless warmth. 

Master Bath

The master bath is well located to allow for higher ceilings. We also made sure to introduce plenty of natural light through windows, maximizing and reflecting it with mirrors and high-gloss, white subway tiles. Interest is added to the bathroom with elaborately patterned floor tiles with colors that play back the subdued gray blue of the vanity cabinets.

master bathroom addition

Our attention to balance and detail throughout this second story bungalow addition is evinced in the 100-year-old stain glass window we found and installed in the reading nook.

As this OBIE gold-winning addition shows, breathing life into historic Atlanta homes requires not only a sensitivity toward the home’s unique historic features, but also the skill to replicate them while blending in new elements that match the homeowner’s personality.

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