Design Inspiration for Your Craftsman Home

Posted by Jim Walker on May 2, 2018 12:49:00 PM
Because of its emphasis on skilled labor and detailed handiwork over mass production, the craftsman style is one for which we at Copper Sky Renovations have a deep affinity.

Although it was originally born in England out of a reaction against the effects of the Industrial Revolution on humanity and human creativity, the American Arts and Crafts movement was unique in that, rather than unintentionally being reserved as an offering for the upper class because of the expenses entailed, it had the “goal of ennobling modest homes for a rapidly expanding American middle class.”

Because the Craftsman movement was more accessible to more people when it first was born in America in the late 19th century, its design hallmarks still persist in popularity today. Here are five of our favorite craftsman design ideas for your Atlanta, GA, home.

Wide-Planked Wooden Floors

Wide-planked, hardwood floors cannot be made quickly, in mass, or without skilled labor, which is why they were one of the trademarks of craftsman design. The effect is at once simple and elegant, as seen in this Chicago kitchen whose floors are made from solid, white oak planks that are each 7-9 inches wide.

Craftsman Kitchen in Atlanta GA

Intricate Stairways

Because the Craftsman style focuses on using the natural resources particular to the area in which a home is built, wood is the most common material used, and stairways are a natural area to show off carpentry expertise, as evinced in our own arts and crafts home remodel. 


Craftsman Interior Remodeling in Atlanta GA

Cabinets with Glass Mullion Doors

Glass mullion cabinetry doors are another popular Craftsman design idea that gained momentum even in other, more modern remodeling styles. They are clean, neat, and provide an interesting punctuation to traditional Shaker cabinetry.


Craftsman Kitchen Renovation in Atlanta GA

Beadboard and Tile

Intricate beadboard and tiny tile work are also common elements in Craftsman homes. These are most frequently employed in bathrooms, pantries, and back entryways because their miniature design works best in small spaces.

Ceiling Beams

Finally, ceiling beams are another Craftsman-inspired home feature. Though they started out as a structural necessity, they soon evolved into a decorative statement that is ironically included even in industrial-style homes today.


Craftsman Dining Room Renovation in Atlanta GA

We’re proud to have had the opportunity to restore some of Atlanta’s most beautiful Craftsman homes and to incorporate some of its stylistic elements and philosophy into our overall home renovation approach.

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