Get More Out Of Your Remodel With These 6 Tips

Posted by Jim Walker on Mar 7, 2018 12:42:00 PM

Put Everything in Writing

Project goals for your Atlanta Home Renovation We’ve all heard this advice as it pplies to drafting contracts for home remodeling in Atlanta, GA. While it’s certainly true that detailing a specific agreement is essential in fostering a solid relationship with your contractor, it’s also true that putting your own project goals in writing is the best way to help you identify and communicate them.

Before you even contact your contractor, detail your specific goals: What are your primary reasons for changing your space? What works about your current space that you want to keep? What are your storage needs? What are your lighting needs? What are your ambiance objectives? What are your air flow and energy efficiency ideals? What are your constraints and challenges? These specifics will prove indispensable starting points for achieving your final goals.


Don’t Feel RushedDeadlines for Your Atlanta Home Renovation Just as with a business negotiation, hastiness in home renovations almost always produces dissatisfaction. Whether in material selection or design, you’ll make decisions under stress that you’d evaluate differently under normal circumstances.

Start by realizing that most deadlines are self-imposed. Even if you are working toward an external, concrete completion date, take a mental step back from the stress of meeting it and assess all your options calmly before pulling the trigger on any expensive decisions. This is where second opinions from designers and others in your home are invaluable.


Don’t Second Guess Yourself

Project Timeline for Atlanta Home Renovation

Once the project is underway, don’t second guess yourself and change course on major decisions mid-stream. Remember that you chose what you chose for a reason. Usually, your first inclinations are most likely to represent your lasting desires, especially when they’ve been carefully vetted by your remodeler and designer.


Keep Your Overall Design Cohesive

Design for Atlanta Home Renovation

Put simply, don’t try to do too much. Wherever you have open lines of vision in your home, keep your color palette, design choices, furnishings, and finish work cohesive. Trying to fit in too many favorite styles will only serve to make your house look eclectic and poorly executed, so pinpoint a few cohesive ideas and implement them throughout. (Houzz is an excellent tool for identify your favorite style.)

On the same note, if you’re remodeling only part of your house, make sure that the new sections integrate well into the old. Don’t be too experimental. (Note: kids’ bedrooms and tucked-away bathrooms can be great places to express unique style flares.)


Utilize Your Contractor’s Expertise

Whole Home Renovation in Atlanta GA

Whether it’s uncovering sloppy electrical work or unexpected water damage, every remodeling project encounters unexpected challenges. When this happens, don’t panic, and don’t feel as though you need to solve everything on your own. Utilize your contractor’s expertise. Ask them how they’d recommend addressing the setback and if they have any suggestions for other minor adjustments that can help keep your home remodeling project in Atlanta on budget.


Capitalize on Your Contractor’s Industry Renown

Craftsman Whole Home Renovation in Atlanta GA

Finally, take advantage of the skillsets your contractor is known for. At Copper Sky, we specialize in custom carpentry and exquisite finishes. Not utilizing the skills that make your contractor famous would be like inviting Rembrandt into your home and asking him to paint a wall because you know he’ll do it well. But why not ask him to paint a masterpiece portrait while you have him in your home?

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