4 Gorgeous Kitchen Remodels in Historic Atlanta Homes

Posted by Jim Walker on Jan 4, 2017 12:40:00 PM

Harmonizing the balance between the old and the new is the first consideration when approaching kitchen remodeling in Atlanta, GA historic homes. As these remodels show, each home and owner demands different considerations. Let’s take a look at 4 unique kitchen remodels in Historic Atlanta homes.

Viginia Highlands Clean Kitchen Remodel 


Perhaps the most signature feature of historic homes is hardwood flooring, making them well worth preserving. In this kitchen, Copper Sky began by refinishing the floors to bring out their grain and gloss. Next, they made the floors the central feature by setting them against white cabinets, countertops, tile, and trim. The clean and bright look gives this kitchen its modern aura while detracting nothing from its historic charm. Finally, island and adjacent dining room chairs echo the floor tones to make the house remodel a cohesive whole.

Kitchen Remodel with Personality in Smyrna, GA


But kitchen remodeling in an Atlanta, GA, historic home isn’t just about reviving old charm. It’s also about infusing the space with a new and complementary swagger that reflects its owners’ temperament. Whereas the first kitchen might be termed elegantly reserved, this kitchen pops with personality. The floors are again featured, but so are the height of the ceilings and the elegance of the trim work and cabinetry. Tall baseboards and crown molding are set in relief against a successive series of vertical bead board, bright blue walls and back-lit glass cabinetry, and a red ceiling runner, ramping up the energy and vibrancy of the ambiance within a unified whole.

Traditional Kitchen Remodel in Morningside


Our third kitchen perhaps best preserves its original atmosphere. In keeping with the grandiose gravity of historic homes, this kitchen features solid cabinetry only barely darker in tone than its adjacent flooring. A modern edge is introduced through stainless steel appliances, gray granite countertops, and echoing metal drawer pulls. Just out of sight, leather chairs across the island contribute smooth texture in keeping with the room’s overall gravitas.  

Modern Kitchen Remodel in Atlanta


Our fourth and final kitchen is a study in balancing on the limits of modern design incorporation within an older home. Whereas our previous homes capitalized on the flooring and trim work of the original houses, this kitchen features all new installations. Texture is paramount as the eye travels from the diagonal runs of flooring to the tightly-grained cabinetry to the marbled tiling to the sleek countertops. Yet even though its features are new, the half-moon counter layout, gridded window, and double-wide stove provide gentle reminders of classic design techniques.

More Kitchen Design Ideas

Discovering and showcasing the personality of your historic home kitchen is a matter of identifying the right designer and remodeling company for the job. Since 2003, Copper Sky has specialized in Victorian and Craftsman-era home remodeling in Atlanta, GA, and is well-versed in reviving the unique character of historic home kitchens.

For a more extensive repertoire of uniquely-crafted kitchens, visit Copper Sky’s kitchen remodel photo gallery.

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