Home Remodeling in Atlanta: What You Should Know

Posted by Jim Walker on Dec 13, 2017 9:33:00 AM

Whether your project is big or small, we want you to be well-equipped to tackle your goals. Take a look at this introductory guide to help you prepare for your home remodel in Atlanta.

Know Your Budget

There are so many factors determining your project budget that it may seem difficult to estimate what you can expect to spend. Your budget will be influenced by the size and scope of your project, your material selections, and your contractor.

Instead of trying to juggle all these individual price determinants up front, begin by establishing a baseline of comparison. Research standard prices for basic remodeling projects in your area, such as kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, home addition remodels, and basement remodels.

Next, compare these project descriptions to your own goals and determine how much you’re able to increase your budget to meet your goals. Finally, meet with your contractor to receive a realistic price estimate specific to your space. With this estimate in hand, you can make final adjustments to material choices and your project objectives as necessary.

Download the 2019 Atlanta Remodeling Cost Report [PDF]

Know Your Finance Options

Now that you know your budget, it’s time to become acquainted with your finance options. Of course, the most advantageous method is to pay cash, but for extensive remodeling projects, that often isn’t an option.

Other common options include refinancing your mortgage, obtaining a home equity line of credit, selecting a home equity loan, and pulling a construction loan. Read more about each of these options here.

Know The Best Time of Year for Your Project

Home remodeling in Atlanta, GA, is easier than in many other locations. This is because it is relatively temperate year round, reaching annual average highs of 90 degrees Fahrenheit in July and average annual lows of 34 degrees Fahrenheit in January. This lends a flexible schedule to most projects, both indoor and outdoor.

Nevertheless, do familiarize yourself with these general principles: Home additions should be undertaken when you have dry or frozen ground rather than muddy, wet ground. Roofs should be replaced when weather is warm to allow the tar to seal properly. Indoor projects are preferably conducted during hot summer months. The busiest time of year for most remodelers is in the early summer and before major holidays.

With all these guidelines, however, recognize that the best time of year to remodel is when it makes sense for you and your contractor. In the end, working with your preferred contractor will give you a much more satisfactory result than working with your preferred timeline, so be flexible.

Know Your Contractor’s Daily Schedule

Just as you determine the best time of year for your project, determine the best daily schedule for your project. You’ll be able to minimize interruptions to your routines by knowing what to expect ahead of time. Ask your contractor when worker will be in your home and establish your own schedule with these hours in mind.

Know Who to Contact and How

As you remodel, questions will continue to arise. In this instance, know who to contact and how. Meet your project foreman and your home remodeler before beginning your project, exchange contact information, and establish the best ways and times to reach one another to discuss progress on the job site.

Following all these guidelines will enable you to know what to expect ahead of time as you begin your home remodeling project in Atlanta, GA.

2019 Atlanta Home Remodeling Cost Report

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