7 Home Renovations that Will Increase the Value of Your Atlanta, GA Home

Posted by Jim Walker on Apr 6, 2017 7:00:00 PM

19c_bath.jpgIf you’re looking to add value to your home, you need to make sure your investment plan is solid and your Atlanta, GA home remodeling company has the experience and craftsmanship to see your project through from beginning to end. Today, let’s talk about seven renovation projects that will increase the value of your Atlanta, GA, home.

#1 - Increase Curb Appeal

Have you ever visited a house that was neglected on the outside and surprisingly well finished on the inside? No one wants to be the owner of this house. Entering a home, either as a guest or an owner, should afford an experience of restfulness and peace, and that experience should start on the outside.

A home that can offer this experience will be well-trimmed on the outside so that its exterior and interior flow together in harmony. Along with landscaping, one of the best ways to ensure this kind of an entry is to restore, retrim, and repaint your home’s exterior, making the most of what is there. And then to enhance those features, install a welcoming deck, patio, or porch suited to your home’s style.

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#2 - Inspect for Interior and Exterior Deterioration

Presenting a charming home with strong curb appeal is certainly an eye-catching technique, but once you catch the eye, you have to hold it. Long-term owners and prospective buyers alike want the comfort of knowing their roofing is stable, their wiring and HVAC systems are up to date, their flooring is level and stable, and their windows and doors aren’t drafty.

#3 - Remodel Your Kitchen

Now that we’ve moved into the heart of the home, let’s talk about the benefits of remodeling your kitchen. According to one source, minor kitchen renovations can increase your home’s value by 83%. Major kitchen remodels are often even more profitable both in terms of finances and in terms of stylistic and functionality-related pay-off.

#4 - Remodel Your Bathroom

Bathroom and kitchen remodels regularly walk hand-in-hand as the two renovations that offer the highest ROI. According to HGTV, bathroom remodels often return 102% of renovation costs at resale. If you’re remodeling your bathroom to accommodate your own family’s needs or to modernize its style, you can rest assured that doing so will simultaneously increase your home’s overall value.

#5 - Build Green: Install Energy-Saving Devices

Remodeling your kitchen and bathroom provides the perfect opportunity to install energy-saving devices. All appliances and fixtures, be they stoves, refrigerators, ovens, showers, or toilets, can be upgraded to conserve energy and lower your utility bills, giving you long-term savings.

During these interior remodeling projects, you may also consider installing a water filtration system in your kitchen to reduce grocery bills for purified water or improve your health if you rely on tap water.

#6 - Lay New Flooring

Finally, consider replacing worn flooring throughout your home. Replacing damaged carpet, rugs, tile, hardwood, and surrounding trim with new and more durable materials which work with the history and overall character of your home.  

#7 – Hire a Trusted Remodeling Company

Finally, make sure you select a highly-regarded and well-trusted home remodeling company in Atlanta, GA to complete all your exterior and interior remodeling projects. The difference between selecting a mediocre company and a high-end company can be the difference between a deflated dream and a fully realized return on your monetary and personal investments. Your money is hard at work. You’ll want your remodeling company to work just as hard.

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