[Guest Blog] Home Painting and Color Psychology: How it Can Influence Your Home Design

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When it comes time to design a new home, or freshen up your existing one, picking out a color scheme is one of the first steps to tackle. Finding a color palette that fits your style and your space can be a daunting task that is filled with an overwhelming amount of ideas and inspiration.

One of the best ways to narrow down your choices is to look at the color’s meaning, and the effects it has on mental health. This can help to evoke specific moods in different areas of your home, and also help to learn which shades typically work best in spaces depending on the emotions they inspire. Below we have a few tips and insights, with each room broken down with the color schemes that best fit in those spaces.

Living Room & Dining Room

Living rooms can be a versatile space when it comes to introducing color schemes, because of its multitude of purposes. It can be a relaxing area to put your feet up at the end of the day, or an inviting room for entertaining guests. Green is a vibrant, calming, and fresh tone that has been a staple in design for some time. With mid century and modern farmhouse design currently trending, green has been revitalized and is the perfect shade for any living space. Darker tones create a fresh and classic look, and can be brought in through vintage inspired furnishings, unique wallpaper, accent walls, or decor pieces like curtains and rugs. When using more natural tones, it’s hard for this color to become overwhelming, so don’t be afraid to be bold while creating balance with other natural colors like brown and white. Accent with brushed metal toned decor pieces like this lamp here, for a nostalgic, vibrant design.


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If you have an open concept home, bring these colors into your dining space as well to make an inviting area that promotes upbeat conversations around the table with guests and family. Having the proper color schemes in a dining space has also shown positive effects on eating habits by creating a comfortable atmosphere that especially helps in keeping little ones engaged and at the table for family meals. If you want to bring yellow into your living room, let the bright and cheerful tones flood into your dining space with yellow table settings, pendant lighting, or accent decor pieces, like an armor or yellow dining chairs! This bold hue will have your guests feeling welcome and upbeat for the duration of the meal.


The bathroom is the perfect place in the home to introduce colors that may seem too daring or overwhelming for other spaces. Although the room may be small, it is important to find balance between light and dark tones. With that being said, one of the best colors to bring into this space is black. When paired with white, black creates a classic, sophisticated design. Paint the walls black with white trim, and introduce vintage inspired bath tile flooring, with white subway tile backsplash for a chic and daring bathroom space. Add pops of color through fresh plants and flowers, or bathroom accessories (towels, vanity decor). Get creative with lighting fixtures and appliances, and invest in an elegant porcelain clawfoot tub to take a relaxing bath, or an antique vanity for added elegance.


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The number one purpose for a bedroom is to promote a restful nights sleep, making blues and browns the perfect fit for this area of the home. Brown evokes a sense of warmth and comfort, and creates a sense of balance. Brown pairs well with other natural tones such as green, or can even be combined with shades of blue. Research shows that blues soothing and tranquil qualities have a positive effect on sleep cycles. When paired with dark tones of brown through natural wood furnishings and flooring, it creates the perfect atmosphere to promote more hours of deep sleep. Lighter shades of blue make a great wall color, and can also be tied in through bed accessories and curtains. Or, if you have a spacious master bedroom, incorporate a cozy sitting area with restful lounge seating in a blue toned fabric, or adorn with blue accent pillows.


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Be sure to try not to use brown as a paint color in order to avoid the room feeling flat. Darker stained wood bedroom sets are a great way to bring this color into a space, and will create balance when set against the lighter toned blue paint color. Bring in brush silver accents for added elegance and to add a little dimension to the otherwise neutral space.

Activity Space

Depending on if your activity space is used for creative projects, reading, or used as an at-home gym, it should include hues that reflect either high energy or mental clarity. If you prefer using this room to learn new crafts or hobbies or curl up with a good book, tie in hues of green and blue to create a soothing atmosphere that helps to unwind the mind. Blue in particular has been linked to reducing levels of stress and anxiety by soothing mental activity. Bring in blue tones through paint color or wall art of ocean landscapes, with blue naturally mimicking the tranquil attributes of the sea. Pair with comfortable seating that offers proper support, and other neutral toned furnishings to create a oceanic inspired color palette fit for diving into your favorite read.


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If your activity space is more for exercise purposes, consider using shades of red that help to promote a sense of strength and increase energy levels. Red can be an overwhelming shade to introduce into other areas of the home, but because this space is meant as a creative outlet, feel free to be bold. Invest in red work out equipment, decor and wall art, or be really daring, and paint a red patterned accent wall. You can even tie it into flooring, and use padded red floor mats to both protect your floors from damage, and add a boost of energy to you space.

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