How to Communicate with Kitchen Designers So You Get Your Dream Kitchen

Posted by Jim Walker on Aug 23, 2017 12:22:00 PM

Some of us dream of a simple and elegant transitional style kitchen, while others dream of a utilitarian yet chic industrial design. Whatever your dream, you’ll want someone to help you find, define, and design it. This is where kitchen designers in Atlanta come in. Let’s talk about how to find the right designer and how to form a successful partnership once you do.

How to Find the Right Designer

Often in the remodeling industry, home owners begin by selecting a designer and asking the designer for recommendations on a remodeler. But consider the opposite approach.

Your builder is the one who will actually succeed (or fail) in executing your design. Unfortunately, even a fabulous design can’t always ensure an equally fabulous execution. So your first priority should be the quality of your home’s craftsmanship.

Start by finding a high-caliber remodeler and that employs high caliber designers. Good remodelers in the Atlanta area usually have one or more in-house designers that they can provide their clients. This type of “start at the end of the maze and work your way to the beginning” approach often gets you where you want to be faster.  

How to Prepare for Your First Meeting: Style

Once you have your kitchen designer in Atlanta, GA, you’ll need to think about how to work effectively together to identify and refine your vision. The best way to do this is with thorough preparation on your end.

Before you meet, take time to search pictures on Houzz and Pinterest and create a collection of photos that speak to you. Once you have a sizable collection, look through each photo again, this time trying to identify common themes to figure out what it is you like about what you like.

Are you attracted to airy color palettes? Heavy wooden cabinets? Sleek metals? Glass backsplashes? Islands with lots of counter space? Minimalistic galley kitchens? Whatever it is, be it color, material, or layout, make a list of what you like so that you can show your designer concrete visuals and describe what it is you find appealing about those visuals.

How to Prepare for Your First Meeting: Function

Style is perhaps easier to think about than function because you can rely on visuals rather than tangible use. But function-oriented considerations can’t be a second place priority.

Before your first meeting, do your best to think through function-oriented design elements you can’t live without. Start by considering what you have in your kitchen now that you depend on daily—is it a double oven with a warming drawer? A second fridge and freezer unit? A designated espresso nook? Whatever it is, however small, make note of it.

Next, make a list of features and appliances you’ve seen in magazines or friends’ homes that you’ve always wanted. For now, it’s ok if you know you don’t have the space or budget for everything you want. Write it down anyway. The design phase is the time to dream big. You can work with your designer to prioritize how you’ll spend your space and money later.

Check-Ins Along the Way

With this thorough preparation in place, you’ll be in a solid position to have a productive initial meeting with your designer. You will have done your research, and all you need is to rely on your designer to guide you through best practices for realizing your dream design.

Finally, make sure that you’re communicating thoroughly and regularly. Recognize that your plan may change along the way as you see 3-D renderings and realize where you need to make adjustments. This is to be expected. It isn’t your fault for not knowing immediately everything you want, and it isn’t your designer’s fault for not intuiting it.

So be open to change. Schedule check-ins as you go. Ask questions. Tell your designer what you do and don’t like and why. Be as specific as possible. No one hits perfection the first time around, but with a little work and a lot of communication, you’ll find that winning design.

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