Inside This Stunning Kitchen Renovation in Atlanta

Posted by Jim Walker on May 23, 2018 9:37:00 AM

There’s nothing in this industrial-style kitchen that doesn’t deserve a second look. The overall effect when you first enter, however, is that of a remarkably clean, decluttered, and cohesive whole.

At Copper Sky, we firmly believe that the historic form and the modern function of a home should not be considerations that are at odds. Instead, they should work together to create a uniquely beautiful and practical space, a philosophy perfectly manifested in this modern kitchen’s design.    

Conscious Layout

The first thing you’ll notice about our new Atlanta, GA, kitchen remodel is its remarkably bright and open layout. We intentionally left the kitchen’s main wall free of upper cabinets to create a fresh and spacious appeal. Yet in a smaller kitchen, did this bold aesthetic decision compromise a practical need for storage and functionality?

kitchen with exposed brick

No. In fact, this kitchen houses all the essentials and more (including even a wine cooler and a coffee nook!). So how did we accomplish both goals? We structured our layout very carefully to include one full wall of cabinetry and one half wall of cabinetry unpunctuated by a counter prep space, allowing for a beautifully open central wall as the focal point.

Textures that Talk

The difficulty with allocating entire walls for cabinetry is that the effect can be both bland and overbearing. We offset this by keeping the overall color scheme incredibly simple while letting the texture do the talking. In the case of the cabinetry, this meant setting repurposed mirrors inside the frames of each upper Shaker cabinet. The mirrors fuse with the full wall of reflective subway tiles to magnify the room’s natural lighting.

kitchen cabinets in atlanta

But the weathered mirrors and tile aren’t the only textures in this modern kitchen design that tell a story of the home’s historicity. We also refinished the original, dark hardwood floors and intentionally exposed a brick column by the beverage corner.

These textures, combined with the painted shaker cabinets, marble countertop, open wooden shelving, and full Victorian-style trim work around the windows speak to our care for intricate craftsmanship that highlights the best features of the original home.

kitchen with exposed brick

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Each home has a story to tell, and we love helping you find the best way to tell it. We invite you to explore the unique ways in which we’ve restored and breathed new life into some of the oldest homes in Atlanta, always respecting the original builder’s intent and each homeowner’s individual personality.

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