It's All in the Details: Tips for Choosing Lighting, Appliances, and More

Posted by Jim Walker on Jul 20, 2018 7:38:00 PM

Have you ever observed that a well-dressed person is distinguished as such due to their careful curation of wardrobe details? Naturally, the big picture colors, patterns, materials, and fit have to harmonize and unify, but skill and interest are generated in the accessories. In the same way, the overall success of your Atlanta, GA, home renovation is dependent on the appropriate selection of design details, such as those found in your lighting and appliance choices.


There’s a common misconception that details are primarily oriented toward aesthetics, but when considering details like lighting, utility should be your first priority. There are essentially five layers of lighting: natural lighting from windows and solar tubes, general (or overhead) lighting, task (or specific) lighting, display lighting, and ambient (or decorative) lighting.

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As you select lighting, first consider each room’s purpose and how many layers of lighting it will need. For example, the tasks performed in a kitchen demand multiple levels of lighting: you’ll need a combination of natural and general lighting to brightly illumine all work surfaces, you’ll need under-cabinet task lighting to dispel shadows while prepping food, you may want display lighting to exhibit treasured dishes, and you’ll likely want ambient lighting to introduce warmth.

Kitchen Appliances

The best way to select kitchen appliances that will serve you well for a long time is to carefully assess what you need and then do your research. Before buying anything, consider your current cooking habits, as well as what you’d like those habits to be. It’s quite possible that a new kitchen will inspire you to cook more, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go all out and buy a proofing oven, a prep sink, a standard oven and double wall ovens, etc. Don’t buy anything you won’t realistically use.

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Next, ask your friends and neighbors about their kitchen appliances. Find out which appliances they love, which they use, and which they’ve had to repair countless times in their own homes. Then, as you consider specific brands and models, be sure to read customer reviews online and try to gauge general consumer satisfaction. If you want your appliances to serve you well for a long time, do your research.

Room Transitions

Consciously designing room transitions in your home renovation increases your overall home flow and functionality. Even if the heart of your home is built around an open floor plan, you’ll want to zone spaces by simple measures like installing light switches at every door, arch, or adjoining wall. You may also want to consider how to use textures, colors, and flooring materials to delineate spaces.

Contemporary Kitchen Remodel in Atlanta GA

Hidden Features

Finally, remember that not all details have to be visible to be effective. The advent of smart technology has revolutionized home functionality, from motion-flush toilets to doorbells with video and speaker capabilities to showers that come to the right temperature before you step in to refrigerators that create grocery lists (and even order groceries) for you. Maybe you don’t need to create a fully-automated home, but one or two such additions can add a little luxury and fun to your daily routine.

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