Kitchen Storage Ideas: Planning Your Kitchen Remodel for Maximum Storage

Posted by Jim Walker on Jul 5, 2017 11:43:00 AM

Clutter is the enemy of creativity, and your kitchen is the last place you’ll want to face it. That doesn’t mean you have to donate all your favorite gadgets to the local charity, though. It just means you’ll want to think through how best to arrange your space for maximum efficiency and enjoyment during your next cooking spree.

Here are some great organizational ideas that maximize your storage space and add ease to your work flow for your kitchen remodeling in Atlanta.

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Hide Appliances

Even small appliances like a Kitchen-Aid, coffee pot, or microwave can add to the overall clutter of your kitchen by taking up valuable work space on your countertop. Yet many of these devices are indispensable when it comes to serious cooking. The solution? Find ways to tuck them away.

Many custom cabinet companies like Tambortech are beginning to offer creative cabinets that do just this. Pull-up and roll-up doors are gaining popularity as ways to vanish less sightly kitchen equipment behind an attractive wood exterior. But why stop there? Place a slide-out shelf behind your pull-up panel for easy accessibility for items you won’t want boxed in when in use. 

Wall Pull-Out Drawers and Drawer Dividers

There’s no better way to efficiently use “dead space” in your kitchen than with a wall pull-out like those offered by Hafele. Sometimes there’s a wall in your kitchen where cabinets just won’t fit perfectly. If you have any of these awkward spaces, consider filling them with narrow wall pull-outs.

Wall pull-outs are long and narrow open-sided drawers ideal for small item organization. For instance, they may serve as a fantastic and easily accessible spice rack, a spatula and utensil hanger, a pantry for smaller items like sauces and cans, or even a dish holder for mugs and small bowls.

Pull-outs also apply to trash bins, recycling containers, or any other type of cabinet storage. Some home owners become so enamored with the efficiency of wall pull-outs that they install floor-to-ceiling cabinets instead of just lower or upper pull-outs for their kitchen renovations. We personally like this example (below) of a pull out this Portland remodeling company implemented.


Drawer dividers are another excellent tool. We’ve all seen interior drawer dividers used for utensils, but there are a number of creative uses that suit your kitchen. For instance, consider placing dividers in deep drawers to serve as vertical storage slots for baking pans, muffin pans, cutting boards, and casserole dishes. No longer do you have to dig through layers of trays to find the one you want. Instead, all items are neatly stored, plainly visible, and easily accessible.

The Dreaded Corner Cabinet

Perhaps the most notorious kitchen storage station is the dreaded corner cabinet, so awkward a space that some home owners even opt for galley kitchen to purposely avoid its wasted space. Probably the most common solution is the classic, lazy Susan interior, but while this addresses the issue, it does so only half-heartedly since homeowners still have to bend down and crane to see its contents.

A more modern and elegant solution is a fully-extendable, pull-out solution like Hafele’s Magic Corner I, Magic Corner II, and LeMans II Set. Solutions like these enable you to utilize every bit of your storage space without discomfort.

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