6 Questions to Ask a Home Remodeling Company Before You Sign the Dotted Line

Posted by Jim Walker on Jan 25, 2017 12:50:00 PM

If you’re preparing to solidify a contract with your home remodeling company in Atlanta, GA, chances are you’ve already found a company whose vision matches your own. You like the quality of the work you’ve seen on their previous projects, and you’re assured their design and remodeling execution match your expectations. But there are still a few questions you’ll want to ask before signing the dotted line.

What’s Your Company’s History?

While this is likely a question you asked early on, it’s important to ask it now if you haven’t yet. Even at this stage in the game, giving your contractor an opportunity to tell you about who they are and how long they’ve been in business doing home remodeling in Atlanta may inspire questions you neglected to ask along the way. Thoroughly knowing your company’s personality will reveal your own and serve to solidify a productive working relationship.

What Do Your Customers Say About You?

Again, if you haven’t asked this already, ask it now. You won’t want to sign the dotted line without first checking references from previous clients. You can begin by reading website reviews, Houzz ratings, and Facebook reviews, but it’s also always sound practice to speak with former clients directly since they will be able to best inform you about the experience you can expect in working with your contractor during your home remodeling in Atlanta. 

Who’s on Staff?

Discovering who’s on staff and the reporting structure of your company will help you know who to contact about which issues, which will expedite communication for both you and your remodeling company and also help you avoid frustration when project questions arise.

Who Will be Here on a Daily Basis?

Before signing that contract, check who will be in your home supervising your project and which workers will be in your home doing the actual project work. You’ll want to make sure that you can communicate well with both your company’s owner and its project manager. Getting to know site workers also builds trust and establishes open lines for communication.

What is Your Daily Work Schedule?

Logistical questions are just as important as communication-oriented questions. Establishing a schedule that works with your daily routine as well as your contractor’s will help work flow remain smooth and efficient.

What is Our Overall Timeline?

Finally, knowing what to expect up front is the best way to ensure long-term satisfaction in your working relationship.As a follow-up question, ask your renovators if they foresee any possible difficulties or concerns that might affect your overall timeline. Every project poses unique challenges, so getting a sense for what these are likely to be will alleviate negative experiences should difficulties arise.

Closing Thoughts

You may be ready to begin work today to finish your remodeling project as soon as possible, but taking the time to thoroughly prepare for your project will afford more satisfaction in the long run. Preparation is half the project.

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