Custom Carpentry in Atlanta, GA

We’ve helped dozens of homeowners keep the historic beauty of their homes through custom carpentry of kitchen cabinets, staircases, bookcases and more.

We specialize in preserving the character of historic homes and sometimes that means creating custom carpentry pieces for our clients. Maintaining a home’s historic charm through a renovation can be challenging for homeowners who want modern conveniences without the look of a modern house. Often times today’s fixtures don’t offer the historic features they desire.

With a variety of custom carpentry projects under our tool belts, we make your dreams a reality. If you can think it, there’s a good chance we can build it! From fireplace mantels, decks, railings, trim work, moldings, columns, built in seating and storage nooks we make sure to incorporate your style and leave no detail undone.

Our process typically starts with a homeowner problem that requires a custom solution. We then work with the client to design a solution that fits their needs, and that’s within their budget. Including the homeowner in every step of the process ensures a cohesive piece that fits their style, their needs, and their historic home. This is how we’re able to accomplish our mission: to save Atlanta’s historic neighborhoods one by one, restoring each home’s original image and blending traditional design elements with modern touches of luxury and taste.


custom bookcase in smyrna home

What differentiates us from other remodeling contractors is our meticulous attention to detail. Take a look at the parlor to the left.

Not only did we restore the original flooring and the original bookshelves, in themselves detail-oriented projects, but we also added a traditional and playful secret passage within the bookshelf itself to lead into a back room.

When closed, the bookshelf door fits seamlessly into its surroundings, trim against trim, so that none but a limited few know its secret. This is a great example of our craftsmanship at work in woodwork.                           

Because we believe every detail is important, we also spent time installing backlighting into each of the glass cabinet doors above the bookshelf to highlight the period serving dish display.

To see how we carried this level of detail into the whole house remodel, view this Smyrna historic home remodel portfolio here.




custom ironwork in smyrna home

One of our favorite challenges is designing home details across platforms. Not only do we love restoring woodwork, but we also love enhancing and crafting original ironwork. For the outside of this same Smyrna home, we designed metal balusters and railings leading to the grand front door.

We echoed this same design in the back of the home and decided to enhance the ironwork by crafting and mounting a matching metal plant hanger on a wall adjacent to the railing.

Perhaps the best part of this iron-crafted creature is its uniqueness: these Smyrna home owners know that no other home has an identical decorative hanging.




Our Craftsmanship at Work in Glasswork

stained glass window in morningside neighborhood home

Another of our favorite areas to work is windows. For instance, the window above belongs to an Arts and Crafts home in Atlanta’s Morningside Neighborhood. The stained glass adds a modern design to the pane layout (this one features our own logo) and of course designing it with every current design technique to ensure air-tightness and prevent drafts.

Finally, we made sure we kept the modern design period by framing the window with period trim. To see the full house remodel, click here.



Creativity in Home Remodeling

The examples above are a small sampling of the many creative and time-honoring ways in which we approach our Atlanta home restoration projects. It is our dream to ideate creative designs for whole-house remodels and carry out each individual component with unparalleled craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.

Whether you’re looking to build a wine cellar or simply add trim work, we welcome the opportunity to better serve our clients through custom projects. Take a look at our portfolio of custom carpentry projects to get an idea of the quality work we produce.

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custom bookcase

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