Exterior Renovation in Atlanta, GA

Whether you’re looking for a deck and outdoor living space or your curb appeal needs a facelift, Copper Sky can design the historic home of your dreams.

Renovation and restoration of historic homes are where our passion lies, and while the inside of the house is essential for everyday living, the exterior also plays an vital role in the overall quality of the home. We build outdoor living spaces to fit every homeowner’s needs. From small standard decks to enclosed porches and grand patios our goal is always to preserve historic characteristics while providing the space and functionality that today’s lifestyles require.

Enjoy Georgia’s beautiful weather and soak up the sun or bring the outdoors in with a sliding wall to open your space.


Build a Deck

Decks are probably the most signature trademark of a Southern home, and there is a very practical reason for their cultural prevalence. Decks are probably the easiest and most cost-effective way to up your curb appeal.

Decks are also a fantastic bridge to nature. They encourage more outdoor living while still offering the comfort of indoor living, particularly if you build a covered deck that affords shade. Decks are also particularly handy for hosting large parties so that you aren’t constricted to just indoor space.

Build a Sunroom Addition

If you’re up for taking on a bit more than just a deck, consider a sunroom addition. Enclosed porches significantly increase your home’s value since they up your square footage while also adding curb appeal. Sunrooms allow you to enjoy the outdoors in a clean and air-conditioned area.

Traditional Screened-in porch in atlanta ga

Another advantage to adding a sunroom or enclosing an existing deck is that yearly maintenance becomes easier. Since your space isn’t exposed to the elements, you won’t need to worry about power washing, resealing, repainting, or restaining your deck, and neither will you have to be concerned about finding time to clear cobwebs, leaves, and twigs before entertaining.


Add a Guest House, Green House, Play House, or Stand-Alone Sitting Area

If your property affords the space, consider building an independent structure tailored to your needs. If you host regularly or have in-laws living with you, you may want to consider building a small guest house to afford both them and your own family more privacy. Guest houses are also a fabulous way to increase your monthly income since they offer an attractive rental situation.

Even if you don’t want to construct an entire guest house, your family may love being able to enjoy a stand-alone sitting area, a play house for the kids, or a green house for your gardening needs.


Refresh Your Home's Exterior

Another exterior feature to consider is your homes face. The street view is the first impression of your home that guests see, and you want the outside to reflect the historical charm of the inside. Whether you’re looking for a restoration or a complete remodel of your home’s exterior, Copper Sky has the experience to return your home to its historical glory. Outdoor pillars, beautiful overhangs, unique features and charming details help every home’s exterior stand out.

Browse our many exterior remodeling projects and explore the historic exteriors we’ve been renovating for 15 years.