Green Remodeling Company in Atlanta

Established in 1999 by the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association and Southface, EarthCraft is a voluntary green building program that serves as a blue print for healthier, more comfortable homes, which reduce utility bills and protect the environment. Copper Sky is a certified Earthcraft renovator. Feel free to call us about renovating your home with Earthcraft certification.

The benefits of Earthcraft include:

  • Lower utility costs
  • Enhanced indoor air quality
  • Increased comfort
  • Reduced home maintenance requirements
  • Quiet interior
  • Durable, long lasting materials

We chose to partner with EarthCraft in particular because we believe they offer unparalleled advantages to homeowners. EarthCraft services only the South East, which means its strategies and solutions, rather than being generic, are tailored to our area’s particular climate.

We also appreciate that EarthCraft assigns each home project its own technical advisor, who provides our construction team with support from the design phase all the way through construction completion. We want to assure our clients that our green building techniques are of the highest quality, and EarthCraft assists us by providing program guideless, a points-based worksheet, site visits, and diagnostic testing on every project we undertake.

What is Green Building?

Green building is all about using construction processes that conserve energy and reduce our impact on the environment in every phase of a project, from design to construction and renovation to maintenance. Green builders go above and beyond what’s required by city codes to maximize energy efficiency, increase material durability, and improve homeowner comfort with materials and practices that are environmentally responsible.

Thankfully, many environmental scientists and informed citizens are raising awareness about the detriments of exorbitant use of our natural resources, making it increasingly easier for home renovators and home owners to practice mindfulness and responsibility in their daily decisions.

One way green remodeling can protect the environment is that pollution is commonly attributed to irresponsible energy use because conventional power production methods release pollutant byproducts into our air, soil, and water sources. Thankfully, living in an energy efficient home is one small way to do your part in conserving energy output.

Another way energy efficient homes protect the environment is that excessive energy consumption, which is dependent on natural resources like coal, gas, and oil, is widely linked to climate change and global warming. Remodeling in an environmentally-conscious manner may seem like a small gesture in the midst of such a large problem, but change is always and only possible when individuals start to make smart choices.

5 Ways Energy Efficient Homes Protect You

The best part about choosing to work with environmentally-minded local contractors is that doing so benefits you as well as the environment. Remodeling your home with energy-efficient features saves you money immediately by reducing your utility bill costs. According to EarthCraft, energy efficient devices can reduce bills by as much as 30% a month.

Another long-term financial benefit of energy efficient homes is that they lower your maintenance costs. Energy efficient homes can reduce the build-up of water vapor, which greatly improves your home’s long-term durability.

Energy efficient homes also have higher resale values than their non-efficient counterparts. EarthCraft certified homes, like those remodeled by Copper Sky, meet an increasing demand for green homes within the home buying marketplace.

Energy efficient homes also protect your health. Green building entails properly sealed and ventilated living spaces; protection against allergens, insect infestation, and mold growth; and radon mitigation and low-VOC materials to reduce the risk of cancer.

Finally, well-designed homes improve your comfort. In many older homes, the upstairs rooms are significantly hotter than the main floor and basement. This is known as stratification. The discomfort it causes, however, can be avoided through a well-insulated building envelope and well-designed mechanics.

The Benefits of Green Building

First and foremost, green building benefits the environment. At Copper Sky, we work with EarthCraft, whose practices conserve natural resources and fight against global warming. Homes built with EarthCraft practices are approximately 30% more energy efficient than standard homes. Green building also conserves water and reduces the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere as well as storm water pollution. Many building materials are recycled, resilient, and rapidly renewable to protect environmental biodiversity.

But green building benefits homeowners as much as it benefits the environment in Atlanta, GA. Its practices improve indoor air quality and conserve so much energy and water that monthly utility bills become less costly. Perhaps best of all, the materials themselves last longer and require less maintenance.    

The Practices You’ll See as We Use Green Building Solutions

When we remodel your home, you’ll notice a different approach than you may have seen elsewhere. We’ll be careful not to purchase more materials than we need (saving our clients money), and we’ll recycle all remodeling debris we can. We’re careful to check that new materials we introduce into your home will help prevent water damage and create comfortable levels of indoor humidity.

We also protect your health by using design techniques that improve ventilation and materials that don’t emit harmful substances. Our HVAC systems, lights, and appliances reduce energy and water usage. We believe in green building because we believe in reducing your expenditures, improving your health and comfort, and protecting our planet.