Jim Walker


Jim is the Owner and Chief Executive Officer at Copper Sky Renovations.  He founded Copper Sky in 2003 after more than 12 years in the corporate sector working for telecom industry leaders such as MCI, WorldCom and a startup VoIP company, Cbeyond Communications. 
Jim Walker

Jim’s passion for the renovation of old houses began early in life, when he would seriously contemplate how to improve the historic homes in which he grew up.  Originally from Selma, Alabama, a town steeped in history and resplendent with magnificent civil war era mansions, Jim’s early childhood home was built in 1850, after which he moved with his family into a house built by his great-grandfather in 1902.   Jim channeled this inborn enthusiasm towards flipping houses in Atlanta’s historic neighborhoods while simultaneously working in the corporate sector  before Copper Sky came to be. 

While bringing old homes to modern standards and convenience is paramount, Jim is personally devoted to keeping homes true to their original period of construction.  His goal is to thoughtfully and purposefully maintain a home’s original character and personality, such that the finished product is often mistaken for a restoration rather than a renovation.  Jim has a robust eye for design, which keeps him heavily immersed in the design process of all Copper Sky’s projects. 

On the rare occasion when Jim isn’t working, he enjoys ‘90’s Indy music, riding his Triumph Bonneville motorcycle, biking, restoring his ’71 Buick Skylark and spending time with his wife, Suzanne, and children, Duncan, Nina and Leila.  And Kyle, Copper Sky’s Chief Security Officer

Jim holds of Bachelor of Science degree in Business, with a major in Finance from Tulane University’s Freeman School of Business in New Orleans.

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