Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Atlanta, GA

Copper Sky Renovations brings you 15 years of expertise designing and remodeling kitchens in the Atlanta area with beautiful custom cabinets.

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When renovating historic homes in Atlanta’s well-known neighborhoods, we often take on the task of renovating old and antiquated kitchens. Since the majority of kitchens in historic homes were built without the modern definition of cabinetry, or the ample storage space many people seek in their kitchens today, we have taken great pride in when designing kitchens to include custom cabinetry.

In the 19th century, particularly before 1910, kitchens were simply built without cabinets. Butlers pantries, shelves, and work tables were much more prolific. As home building and social trends change and evolve, so have our needs for ample kitchen storage.

We specialize in kitchen design and select cabinets that seamlessly match the aesthetic of a modern design, while maintaining your homes original charm and historic value.

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Our design process is designed to meld the historic qualities of your home, without sacrificing a modern, functional kitchen for you and your family. In our 15 years of experience, we have worked on nearly every style of kitchen, including those found in Craftsmans, Tudors, Victorians, Arts & Crafts style homes, and more.

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We begin by assessing the functionality required of your kitchen cabinets, what you have to store, and how much room would best suit your kitchen. We take into account any additional requests, such as a pull-out spice cabinet, or custom storage for your appliances. We then begin the cabinet design and incorporate the details that ensure your new kitchen cabinetry fits seamlessly into the confines of your historic home.