Kyle Walker

Chief Security OfficerKyle Walker

Kyle is the Chief Security Officer at Copper Sky Renovations.  He is responsible for the physical safety of the company’s business operations, people and infrastructure.

Originally from Greensboro, NC, Kyle brings inherent street smarts, people skills, and a natural aptitude for surveillance to the leadership team.   Since 2013, Kyle has vigilantly patrolled and secured Copper Sky’s offices and has implemented rigorous new programs to identify possible security breaches, including; sniffing out and censuring shifty vendors and delivery personnel, performing surprise security inspections of trash cans and under employee desks (especially the office manager), and ensuring all clients are screened – upon entry AND exit – for the presence of food and/or potential shiftiness.  Kyle also plays a key role in new employee vetting and training.

When not at the office, Kyle enjoys long walks, meditating in the sun, keeping random small children on their toes (just the slow ones), protecting his home and family from the mailman and other dangers of the great outdoors, and head hugs. 

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