Marcy Segrest

Office Manager/Bookkeeper
Marcy Segrest

Marcy is the Office Manager and Bookkeeper for Copper Sky Renovations.  She is the super glue, cement, nails, caulk, and screws that keeps the office together and up and running smoothly and efficiently. 

Marcy is the face and voice of Copper Sky’s front office and she has more than twenty seven years of bookkeeping experience in the construction industry.  Marcy brings a wealth of knowledge and best practices to our accounts receivable, accounts payable, and client contracting procedures and has streamlined our daily operations considerably.  She is passionate about the numbers and details of each client’s projects and makes sure all t’s are crossed and i’s dotted throughout the project lifecycle.  

Marcy also works closely with Kyle, our CSO, to implement his security protocols.  She actively participates in his surprise trash can inspections for empty yogurt containers or other contraband. 

When away from the office, Marcy enjoys spending time with her husband, Adam, children and grandchildren, genealogy, crafting and photography.

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