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"They are the people you want for your renovation/building project."

- Howard Tarshis

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"I cannot say enough good things about them. We were extremely pleased with them. They didn't fall short in any area. They were very clean and organized, they showed up when they said they would, and they were very communicative about what was going on. They were very, very easy to work with."

- Dan Bloom

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"They did not fall short at all! The work was done faster than we expected, with minimal interruption to the office. The communication from Copper Sky was prompt and pro-active."

- Barbara Boukater

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"They are a fantastic operation and I would definitely recommend them to whoever needs work. The customer service is absolutely excellent. They say they are going to do something and they get it done."

- Chris & Jodi Courts

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“You hear about so many problems people have with hidden costs, huge delays, etc and we were prepared for that but we had no issues like that and it was a big project."

- Andrew Wright

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“Copper Sky exceeded my expectations. When we did encounter an issue, as you do in large project, Jim resolved the matter promptly. In the end we did not have any issues that went unresolved. Copper Sky provided excellent ideas and advice throughout the project. I liked Jim's direct communication and feedback on ideas. The project tracked to our budget and only deviated when we expanded scope. We didn't have any budget surprises. In several cases we changed plans and Jim was able to make the change without increases budget. Jim stands by the quality of the work and the materials used. We even had materials fail that Jim replaced over a year later. Without question I would refer Copper Sky to anyone considering a renovation of any size."

- Murray and Michelle Shevlin

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"We wanted to have an upper deck built/balcony built on our historic bungalow (it's a Leila Ross Wilburn design) and wanted something in keeping with the look of the house and the quality of the original construction, but not too expensive. Most companies overpriced it, and their salesmen weren't going to be involved in the build. Copper Sky has fantastic carpenters working for them. Our deck was tricky in that it was being built on a sloping roof and measurements needed to be precise. They did a gorgeous job. Nice guys, great job, fair price. Everything got done the way they said it would, and when they said it would. We're very happy."

- Cara Tobin

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